The Super Detox

Dhs. 114
Box Size: 15 Tubes (~30 servings)

Tea Type: Green Tea

Category: Flavored Green Tea

Description: Blended green tea specialises in detoxifying the body. Combination of herbs that are good in cleansing and supporting overall well-being.

How it tastes: Grassy felt with a taste of turmeric

Ingredients: Green tea leaves, stinging nettle, moringa, caraway seeds, turmeric, chlorella, ginger

Origin: China


  • 3g of tea or 1 spoonful of tea (1/2 Tube)
  • 80° - 82° of water in to 250ml – 300ml cup
  • Steep for 1 – 2 minutes

Taste Notes (Steep evolution)

  • 1 minute – Light
  • 2 minute – Mildly earthy
  • 3 minute – Bitter with a hint of spice

Steep Count: 1

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