Leather Box

Dhs. 287

This luxurious Leather Tea Box by Feel Good Tea Co. is such a special gift! It comes with 10 Tea Pods each with a unique flavor from our summer 2022 collection.  It also includes our best-selling Monroe Glass Cup with a built-in Infuser to easily prepare your loose leaf teas.  And just in case you prefer brewing in tea bags ethically, we provide additional 15 disposable tea bags that is biodegradable made from corn-fiber. 

Box includes:

- 10 Tea Pods (10 Tea Flavors - 30 Servings)

- Monroe cup with a built-in Infuser (Glass)

- 15 Tea bags (Disposable biodegradable made of corn fiber)  



1. Kiwi Fruit Punch: Apple bits, rosehip peels, hibiscus, kiwi bits, strawberry bits (Product of Germany)
2. Pineapple Crush: Green tea, pineapple bits, mango bits, flavor, orange petals, rose petals
 (Product of Germany)

3. Turmeric Glow
Green tea, pineapple bits, flavor, pineapple chips, turmeric powder, tea blossoms (Product of Germany) 

4. Earl Gray Twist: Black tea, Sunflower hips, cornflower, blackberry leaves
 (Product of Sri Lanka)

5. Hunnan Green Tea: Pure green tea (Product of China)
6. Good Morning: Black tea, spearmint (Product of Germany)

7. Moroccan Mint: Green tea. Spearmint, peppermint
 (Product of India)

8. Green Jasmine Allure: Green tea, jasmine (Product of China)

9. White Tea: Pai Mu Dan pure white tea (Product of China)

10. Cloudy MountainBlack tea (Product of China)

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