Wooden Box

Dhs. 216

Another unique box by Feel Good Tea Co. This time it comes with 10 Tea Pods each with a unique flavor from our Winter 2022 collection.  It also increased our best selling Princess Strainer and additional 15 biodegradable corn-fiber disposable tea bags. 

Box includes:

- 10 Tea Pods (10 Flavors - 30 Servings)

- 1 Princess Strainer (Stainless Steel)

- 15 Tea bags (Disposable biodegradable made of corn fiber)  



1. Moroccan Mint: Green Tea, spearmint, peppermint (Product of China)
2. Chocolate Coconut Rooibos: Rooibos, chocolate flakes, cocoa kernels, coconut (Product of South Africa)

3. Pineapple CrushGrreen tea, pineapple bits, mango bits, flavor, orange petals, rose petals (Product of Germany) 

4. Sleeping Beauty: Rosehip, citrus, chamomile, lemon grass, orange petals, hibiscus, nanamint (Product of Germany)

5. Kiwi Fruit Punch: Apple bits, rosehip peels, hibiscus, kiwi bits, strawberry bits (Product of Germany)
6. Good Morning: Black tea, spearmint (Product of Germany)

7. Earl Gray Twist: Black tea, Sunflower hips, cornflower, blackberry leaves (Product of Sri Lanka)

8. Green Jasmine Allure: Green tea, jasmine (Product of China)

9. Pumpkin Chai: Green tea, pumpkin seeds, dandelion root, sea buckthorn, berries, carrot, pumpkin bits, marigold (Product of Germany)

10. Cloudy MountainBlack tea (Product of China)

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